Biblical Studies Carnival CXXII (March 2016)



Yeah, I’m back yo – for a limited time only!

I’ve rounded up the best of biblical studies blogging from March 2016 – despite rumors of the death of blogging sometime last decade, and beset on all sides by the continued preponderance of Very Conservative blogs and the ongoing tyranny of male WASP bloggers.

So please check out the links below … which are accompanied by my own helpful comments and observations.


Early Christianity

cxxii-BauerIn what can only be described as “an inspired burst of pedantic and nerdish endeavor,” Wayne Coppins (German for Neutestamentler) has compiled bibliographies for dozens of German New Testament scholars. Wayne calls his endeavor Bibliographies of Neutestamentler/innen in the German Language Sphere (BNGLS). It is a fantastic resource, and I, for one, became physically excited on discovering it.

The Gospels and Jesus

cxxii-zuckermanThe doyen of Secular Studies, Phil Zuckerman (The Secular Life) interviews Bart Ehrman about his…

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